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Services for Attorneys in State and Federal Criminal Cases

Gina Joaquin & Todd Duncan have worked with attorneys nationwide in federal and state criminal cases for over twenty years, focusing on the fair application of the federal Sentencing Guidelines.  We assist in providing a full-service representation team to achieve the best result possible for each particular case.  Our services can be as minimal or as complex as your case requires.  We also work with court-appointed counsel.

Our services include the following:

  • Pre-Indictment investigations to assist in strategies to avoid indictment and prediction of potential sentencing exposure

  • Evaluation and organization of discovery materials

  • Preparation of motions to suppress and motions to dismiss

  • Evaluation of immigration consequences of criminal charges against defendants who are not US citizens

  • Review of Presentence Reports for accuracy, potential objections, and downward departure and/or variance factors

  • Preparation of Objections to Presentence Reports

  • Preparation of Motions for Non-guideline sentence and/or Sentencing Memoranda to provide the court with the full picture of your client, the offense, and any applicable mitigating factors

  • Coordination of character letters and preparation of summaries for the court's reading ease

  • Post-conviction assistance including review of transcripts to determine issue for appeal

  • Preparations of state and federal appellate briefs, and petitions under §§ 2241, 2254, and 2255

  • General legal research in all areas of the law for all state and federal courts

We also publish a monthly newsletter of important federal sentencing cases, which can be accessed using the following link:

Attorneys have said the following regarding our services:

Donn Baker, Tahlequah, Oklahoma - "I have used Joaquin & Duncan on a regular basis for the last ten years.  Any research or brief writing I need, I use them.  They are great.  I can't count the number of successful Motion to Suppress, etc. . . they have done for me.  I wouldn't think about consulting anyone else."

Robert M. Burns, Dallas, Texas - "Using the services of Joaquin & Duncan has allowed me to take on additional cases and expand my practice.  I highly recommend them for state and federal cases.  Their expertise in sentencing and post-conviction issues has proved invaluable."

Charles L. Caperton, Dallas, Texas - "Thanks again, and again, and again, and again.  I would not do it without you.  You've helped my clients in ways that I had never considered."

Charles Banker, Houston, Texas - "I have a very busy statewide criminal law practice.  I've used Joaquin & Duncan for several years now.  They do thorough and excellent work in both state and federal cases.  I highly recommend them."

Don Carter, Fort Worth, Texas - "I recommend Joaquin & Duncan to anyone faced with serious research and sentencing issues.  Their work is excellent, prompt, thorough, concise, on point, dependable, and current."