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Introducing our law firm

Joaquin & Duncan, LLC
Attorneys and Counselors
Established 2000
Providing services in federal and state criminal, wills, probate, estate planning, and immigration matters

Serving the Community

Our firm has been privileged to serve the community in many ways, with our goal always being to improve the lives of our clients.  We are here to provide strength in times of adversity.  Our work is about people and using our knowledge, skills and experience to meet their needs.  We have had the privilege of representing people from all walks of life, and offer aggressive representation tempered with wisdom and compassion for our clients. 

Our Practice Areas

Federal & State Criminal Law

  • Pre-Indictment Investigations

  • Trial and Sentencing

  • Appeals

  • Post-Conviction Procedures

  • Consultant Services for Other Attorneys

Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

  • Wills & Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Directives to Physicians

  • Probates

  • Heirship Proceedings

Immigration Law

  • Citizenship/Naturalization

  • Permanent Residence

  • Student & Fiance Visas

  • DACA Renewals

  • Waivers

  • Consular Issues

News & Updates of
Joaquin & Duncan

Instead, I want to see a

mighty flood of justice, an endless river of righteous living.

Amos 5:24

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